Titu's School of Choice

Bosco Juniors is a name that has stood the test of times in the field of education. Today each and every individual relates Bosco Juniors towards education and that is where we feel proud about the factor. We feel that the new generation should be able to grow better and do better in all aspects of time.


Why choose Bosco Juniors?


  • You will be able to make choices that have a direct impact on the things you learn and the life you lead at boarding school.
  • Great teachers who love to teach.
  • You will make friends for life.
  • Increased maturity, greater self- sufficiency and superior preparation for college.
  • A well-equipped library.
  • A wide range of sporting activities under professional supervisors.
  • Fine arts figure prominently in every child’s education.
  • Children are actively encouraged to participate in dramatics and music competitions to show case their talents.
  • Supporting peers and caring staff to mentor you.
  • Creating global citizens.
  • Developing maturity and a holistic preparation for college and beyond.
  • Literary and community activities
  • Excellent academic results.
  • State of the art dormitories 24 hours’ power and water supply.
  • State of the art Kitchen with healthy Veg and Non Veg menus.
  • Our residential staffs are enthusiastic, caring and perfect mentors for children coming from home for them being called to serve beyond the call of duty are the norm and not the exception.
  • We also emphasize on grooming of our students in to ladies and gentlemen, soft skills, table manners and etiquettes.
  • Our parents and their opinions are important to us as it helps as the goal of being the number one Residential School.
  • A proper orientation program for new students and parents to help them adapt to the new Don Bosco’s environment.
  • Excellent extra- curricular sporting facilities.


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The Bosco Curriculum

Our Curriculum Framework is known as “The Bosco Curriculum” and it is majorly focused in two categories. Primary - Kindergarten (Lower & Upper) and Junior [Foundation Years] (Class I –Class V)  


The primary curriculum has been designed in a thematic method to initiate holistic development in children. The day wise approach makes it easy for students to understand and teachers to teach. The self-explanatory schedule is also shared with the parent in order to keep them informed and aligned with expectations. The curriculum for entire year is broadly classified in to 10 different themes and an activity-based approach is followed to make the students good problem solvers and reflective thinkers.

Junior (Foundation Years)

  The Foundation Years has been developed focusing on 5 core areas of learning: Math, English Language, Science and Social Studies. The other areas developed are Music and Movement & Art. Both these areas will seek to integrate with the 5 core areas so that they support the core areas and become more meaningful to the learner. Use of technology both by the teacher and student has been emphasized throughout the curriculum, making it a forward-looking document, preparing and developing student thinking for the world of tomorrow. The curriculum aims to engage all students, while enthusing and challenging them.   Each core area has clearly identified Strands of knowledge. Together these Strands capture the essence of the curriculum content and provide clear focal points for teaching and learning. Additionally, the Strand divides the curriculum allowing it to be set out in a clear concise manner. These Strands of knowledge have grade appropriate learning objectives with suggested activities and related material and resources, along with some suggestions for assessment.
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e-school Methodology

Technology is a major tool in progressive education and changes the way a child learns, unlearns and relearns. Bosco Juniors has pledged to be a progressive school in all areas of education and technology will be its major shield for progress.

  • E-learning – The website will provide many important links which can be used for reference by children to learn more about a topic on Internet. Personalized login will also be provided to students (on request) to learn class wise and subject wise each topics with animated e-contents.
  • E-Campus – Bosco Juniors has partnered with Newton Concepts as its technology partner in providing online access for parents with all the required details of their ward like attendance, performance and upcoming important schedules of school.
  • SMS alerts – We understand your concerns and that’s why we alert you on the daily attendance of your ward right after the first bell rings. If your child is absent you will be alerted right away so as to keep mutually informed.
  • Digital Class – Technology tools are used to provide audio-visual explanation of subject areas in classes so that a child remembers as well as totally understands what he learns.
  • Vehicle Tracking System – A progressive school will always think of parents as their major stakeholders and that’s one reason why we have looked at schooling with your eyes. Know the location of your child’s bus right on your smartphone at the click of a button through our smart Vehicle Tracking System.
  • Social Networking  – We love Facebook, Twitter and any social network tools that your child uses. We see them as an opportunity to enhance learning and keep them connected to school. We uses facebook page for posting updates on school, take opinion poll and educate moral values in our children.
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